View of Kritinia

Located on the south-west coast at about 55km from the capital city of Rhodes, Kritinia (Kritinèa) is one of the most interesting, off the beaten track, villages on Rhodes. Surrounded by beautiful landscape the place definitely worths a visit. It is a small picturesque village (pop. 650) built in barrow with a great panoramic view to the sea.

Here at this charming place, the authentic Greek islands feel emerges. In the centre of the village there are a couple traditional cafes (kafeneia) and taverns which offer the best view to the visitors. The local economy is based in farming as Kritinia along with Embona and Mandriko, are the most productive agricultural areas of the island.

The main attraction in the area is the medieval Castle of Kritinia, located just outside the village. It stands proudly in a privileged spot, overlooking out across the bay atop a pine clad hill. In the nearby small monastery of St. Ioannis you can admire paintings dating back in the 16th century.

Following down the narrow windy roads to the coast, there are some small secluded beaches like Kalami and Paliochora. A good choice if you want to avoid the crowd ones but keep in mind that this part of the island can be particularly windy.

Not far from the village (4km), a small fishermen harbor, Kamiros skala but mainly it is used to connect Rhodes to the nearby Chalki Island.