A Guide to Lindos

Rhodos View of Lindos

Lindos is a very popular destination, and many visitors find themselves returning year after year. From the affectionately known ‘ooh-ah corner’ on your approach to Lindos, arguably one of the most breathtaking views in Greece can be seen. Under the imposing 2nd century BC acropolis lies a maze of narrow, vibrant streets surrounded by whitewashed, sugar cube houses with elegant doorways and intricately pebbled courtyards.

The 4 beaches, all within easy walking distance of Lindos centre, are also diverse. A large, sandy, family friendly beach with Blue Flag status shelves gently into the crystal clear waters. Several beachside tavernas and WCs are found here, and pedaloes, motorboats and other water sports for the more adventurous are offered during summer. An excellent glass bottom boat trip departs from here, and is a must-do during your stay! Pallas beach is more intimate, and is the home of several excellent tavernas, some of whom will serve you from your sunbed, such as Skala on Pallas beach.

For complete tranquility, head to St Pauls bay, a quaint unspoilt cove, usually peaceful enough to relax while listening to the soothing sounds of the sea. This area is also fabulous for snorkeling amongst the surrounding rocks. The shelved sandy beach close to St Pauls chapel offers spectacular views of the acropolis and St Pauls bay, and a small taverna offers drinks and snacks – and champagne for celebratory drinks after wedding ceremonies, which popular at this location.

All Rhodos beaches are kept very clean, and because of the sheer number available, none is usually overcrowded. One of the unusual features of Lindos is that even though during the day the village thrives with visitors, the streets are totally pedestrianized, the only transport being the occasional moped or the traditional Lindos donkeys.

Shops selling a wide range of cosmopolitan goods and gifts line the streets, along with a diverse range of tavernas and bars to suit every taste. One of the best ways to spend a lazy afternoon is with a cold frappe in Yiannis bar on the main street while people watching or listening to local chatter.

The climb to the acropolis is arduous but worth it, for the views of Lindos, St Pauls bay and the never ending blue sea from the ancient castle walls are nothing short of spectacular. On the path towards the acropolis, Lindean ladies sell traditional, hand-embroidered tableware. If the walk is too strenuous, take a donkey (Lindos taxi) to the castle walls.

Within the ancient acropolis site is a relief of a ship, carved in 170 BC by the Lindeans. Walk through the Doric columns, up the “stairs to heaven” to the top level of the acropolis, where the part-renovated Temple of Athena stands, constructed during the 4th century AD. Directly below the acropolis, adjacent to the newly built town square, lies the ancient theatre. A good proportion of the seating area carved into the rock remains today.

Also within the village are many churches in different styles, often with intricate frescoes lining the walls. There are many ‘Captain’s houses’, built the 16th to 18th century, whose exquisite architecture is unique to Greece. Many of these have been recently restored under the supervision of the Greek Archaeological Service, and several are now open to the public.

Nightlife in Lindos is vibrant and friendly. The majority of visitors experiencing evening culture in Lindos are couples and families, and increasingly popular wedding parties. Choose from romantic evenings dining on one of the many rooftop tavernas, or relaxing in one of the many welcoming. All bars are English speaking, and make you feel like a local on your first visit. Local children often play in the streets in an evening, and children are welcomed in restaurants and bars until late at night.

There are several nightclubs in Lindos, playing Greek, European and British popular dance music. By law, no loud music can be played after 12pm, so the nightclubs are soundproofed. Nightclubs are easy to find in the evening, yet unimposing on the traditional streets of the village. At the top of the village, at ‘ooh-ah corner’, an outdoor all-night dance club, the Ampitheatre, can be found, with great views of the morning sunrise. Free taxis to this venue are available from the town square.


Med East is, in our opinion, the best restaurant in Lindos. The food is excellent, very Mediterranean but with different dishes to all the rest. The ambience is always superb, very laid back, and the views of the acropolis are stunning. Some of the dishes served are, Steak with melted cheese & bacon and a slice of pineapple in a dark cherry sauce, Steak in a Madagascan green pepper sauce, Chicken in an orange and cream sauce, Chicken in a mango and cream sauce,Lamb in lemon, Steak served with garlic butter, Coq au Vin. Manolis always offers a friendly and warm welcome and the music is very ambient and atmospheric it makes for a romantic meal. This is now becoming a very popular venue for wedding receptions so is worth booking in advance.

Dionyssis is also excellent, the food here is expensive but both the menus and interior decor are far superior to most of the Lindos restaurants. Ambrosia offers a good selection of Greek traditional dishes with lovely views ofthe Acropolis from the rooftop taverna. Mythos, just off the main square, serves a good selection of traditional Greek food including mixed Greek plates and meat and fish platters to share. The rooftop is partly built into a rockface, combining romantic lighting with stunning views of Lindos. Agostinos situated just below lindos reception has lovely rooftop with views over Lindos worth a meal, try the traditional dishes and the Octopus in a chili tomato sauce is a must.

Skala, on Pallas beach,serves lovely food on the beachfront, and usually hosts a weekly barbecue with an excellent choice of meats and salads for a fixed price, Oasis Taverna in Lindos offers really good food with excellent views they hold a greek night every friday worth a visit. Pallestra is situated in the far corner of Lindos main beach and offers superb views of the acropolis and Lindos Bay, they serve excellent seafood and Mezes, Lindos has as varied a nightlife as it does dining scene. You can chill out in a traditional courtyard, watch big screen sports or party away till the early hours!


Many bars now offer big screen football and major sporting events but there are two main sports bars in Lindos.

GIORGOS (opposite Ambrosia restaurant). This is the first major sports bar in Lindos, they have a big screen and TVs allover, there’s even one in the floor! Giorgos (and Giorgos 2 on the small beach) offers a vast choice of beers very much catering to the british market.

RED ROSE (Lindos main street). This bar has a a lot of outside seating on the front terrace with big screen.


Even many of the livelier music bars have quieter outside terraces but some of the nicer bars to just relax and take in the views are CAPTAINS HOUSE (walk past Museum Bar and follow signs for the Acropolis). This is a traditional Lindian Captains House with the main bar situated in the front courtyard. Very atmospheric and a good place for pre dinner drinks.

RAINBIRD BAR (off to the left on the road to the small/pallas beach). Boasts the best views in Lindos and a nice place to rest for a beer after your walk up from the beach.

LINDOS BY NIGHT (down the road from Courtyard Bar). The inside bar of Lindos By Night can get quite lively but for a relaxing night with views over the village towards the Acropolis take a seat in one of the pretty garden terraces.

YANNIS BAR (on a corner as you turn from the main street towards Lindos Reception). Situated on a very busy corner and one of the best places in Lindos if you enjoy a bit of people watching.


Many bars worth visiting but this list covers a few as you walk down from Lindos Reception/Top Car Park.

60S BAR. Not only 60s music as the DJ does tend to play to the crowd. Can get quite lively, especially when they’re in a party atmosphere and setting fire to the bar!

DREAMS BAR. A small bar run by a mother and son duo. Keen to get everyone in the party spirit they often bring out the fancy dress box and mum has everybody up dancing.

SOCRATES. The owner Socrates is well known in Lindos and you’ll often see him at the small beach during the day. The music here isn’t the chart stuff you’ll here in most of the bars and tends to be more rock – in fact Socrates is one of the people behind the ‘Rhodes Rock’ festival.

KARMA (on a small side street off to the left). Nice little bar and something different being the only Reggae bar in Lindos.

ANTIKA. One of the smartest bars in Lindos with glass bar, white leather chairs and uber cool music to match the decor.

MANOLIS – ZOUK BAR. Manolis has been in Lindos for many years though they moved to this spot a few years back. The bar still has an old olive press in the centre that often gets used for a bit of impromptu podium dancing!

COURTYARD (past Kalypso). Great Lindian decor with a dance floor and DJ. As well as the inside main bar there’s a courtyard and bar/roof terrace upstairs. Greek Night with live Bouzouki Greek music and dancing every Sunday.

IKON. Now run by Michalis (formerly of Lindos By Night) this small but stylish bar is now a lot livelier than it was and even has a saxophonist playing the odd night.



There are 5 nightclubs in Lindos though the ones in the centre are soundproofed and are unobtrusive if that’s not your thing.

NIGHT LIFE (opposite Courtyard Bar). Not the smartest club in Lindos but they do have BAR CODE next door which is a good late night (or rather, early morning!) bar offering good food all night.

QUPI (behind Courtyard Bar). An old favourite that re-opened in 2005. Seems to go in and out of favor a bit but definitely worth checking out.

ARCHES (small road opposite Yannis Bar). One of the most popular clubs in Lindos, you’ll find Arches busy even in low season as it’s popular with locals.

ACROPOLIS (on the road from the main square to the beach). The only open air club actually in Lindos but for some reason it doesn’t seem to open every year.

AMPHITHEATRE (free taxis from the main square, it’s up on a hill above the village). Smart open air club with great views as it’s on what many call ‘ooh aah corner’. A huge space, it takes some filling but has a great atmosphere peak season.

Staying in Lindos, the village itself lends itself to studio self catering accommodation although in the last 5 years many luxury villas have been built to cater for families and the growing number of wedding visitors. Many tour operators offer all inclusive holidays at the hotels on the outskirts of Lindos.

– Colin Richard Smith