Lipsi islands

Lipsi or Lipsoi (Greek: Λειψοί) are a cluster of small, picturesque islands in lying in the southeastern Aegean between the islands of Leros and Patmos. Their collective name is taken from the ...

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The west coast of Rhodos

Populous resorts, important archaeological sites, picturesque villages await us on the west side of the island. Following the road to west we cross the great coast of Ixia where the ...

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Monolithos (Μονόλιθος) is a small mountain village at 77 km from the capital, on the south-western part of the island of Rhodos. It has a population of 134 inhabitants and its name derives from a ...

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Feraklos Castle

The castle of Feraklos

Feraklos castle is located on the place once stood an ancient Acropolis. The castle was used by pirates before the Knights of St. John ousted them, reinforced the castle than used it as a prison. ...

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Koskinou (Greek: Κοσκινού) with a population of 3.224 is a beautiful village at 7 km from the capital, built atop of a hill overlooking the east coast of Rhodos. Although it is located in one of ...

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Rhodos butterfly valley

Walks into the Nature

Walking in Rhodos nature will be a highly enjoyable and revealing experience. Choose a clear, sunny day and take any of the routes as suggested by the Greek National Tourist Organisation (GNTO). ...

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Rhodos: what’s in the name

Ρόδος, Rodos, Rhodos, Rhodes, Rodi, Rodes: they’re all names of the same island – and its capital – in different languages. Many believe that the name originates from the Greek ...

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Glyfada beach

Located on the south-western part of the island of Rhodos, at about 72 km from the town center, Glyfada is a little known beach, ignored by the tourism. Not far from the village of Monolithos, it ...

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Island of Kastellorizo

Kastellorizo (Greek: Καστελλόριζο) or Megisti (Greek: Μεγίστη) is a tiny border island at the most eastern point of Greece, very close to the Turkish coast (3 km). It is part of the Dodecanese ...

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Rhodos Elafos Hotel

Elafos Hotel

It is not what you would expect. An authentic Alpine lodge located in the middle of a Greek island. Hotel Elafos is situated atop of the forested mountain of Profitis Elias, at an altitude of 780 ...

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Knight of Rhodos

The Knights of Rhodos

In 1309 a Genoese adventurer, to whom the Byzantine emperor had given Rhodes as a feudal property, or fief, sold the island to the Knights of the Order of St John of Jerusalem, who then quickly ...

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